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New in Store

170 x 105mm Dead Land Oval Base



120mm x 92mm Oval Base



100mm Round Base



90mm x 52mm Oval Base A



90mm x 52mm Oval Base B



60mm Round Base



60mm x 35mm Oval Base A



60mm x 35mm Oval Base B



60mm x 35mm Oval Base C



40mm Round Base



32mm Round Bases


32mm infantry Terra Mechanica bases



We have released new base sizes for the following sets:

 Defiled Realm, Ancient Necropolis and Trench War






Defiled Realm Round And Oval Bases


60mm Defiled Realm Flying Base




Three Different 90 x 52mm Oval Bases



Two Different Bike Bases




Ancient Necropolis Round Bases


Three Different 50mm Bases




Trench War Round And Oval Bases


170 x 105mm Oval Base



130mm Round Base



Two Different 120 x 92mm Oval Bases




Two Different 105 x 70mm Oval Bases




100mm Round Base




Three Different 90 x 52mm Oval Bases




80mm Round Base




75 x 42mm Oval Base




60mm Round Base




60 x 35mm Oval Base




Three Different 50mm Bases




40mm Round Base




Two Different 32mm Flying Bases




Six Different 32mm Bases




Three Different Bike Bases




We hope you like them

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