About Us


How it all started

Initially I started making bases and especially movement trays for personal use, the first of which were the “Skull” movement trays back in 2003 which I used at most of our tournaments. As they got more popular and I received a lot of requests for them I started to sell the first skull bases and world wide the first skull movement trays on Ebay back in 2004.

As popularity grew and it became a small success I expanded the collection with the “Jungle” and “Celtic” ranges which both are still some of the best selling ranges we have today.

We have now been selling our scenic resin bases and movement trays by Ebay since 2003/2004. Over the years introducing some new techniques by using the natural depth in the base which we introduced for the first time in 2008 and call our 3D bases, you can see the astounding effect in our “Tech” and “Alien Virus” bases.

Due to the ever-expanding ranges we offer, we decided to open up our own Ebay shop in 2010. With over 5200 fantastic sales by Ebay and a lot of returning customers since 2004 until today it shows that our small business has offered a great variety and top quality service for the last 11 years.

Because of the special way we design and make our ready to use movement trays we are able to make nearly any size the customer might want, a service not offered in this form anywhere else world wide.

We want to present a wide variety with our bases offering both simple flat designs and bases packed full of detail, were suited. As for example with our “Dark Wood” range, as a forest floor just does not have a flat and simple texture. Though leaving enough room to place your miniatures, as can be seen on the pictures of the  “Best painted Army” winner from the “Unseen Lurker” tournament a few years back.

This has worked out so well we decided to take it a step further and open our own web shop!

Our aim was to create a simple to use but attractive website, not slapped full of writing and advertisement which only confuses the buyer we also wanted the buyer to get to the pages of interest without having to search for them, I think we got it.

With our own web shop we are also able to offer you our full range and many more items of interest that we could just not offer in this form and cheaper then on Ebay.


We have had some great feedback over the years from our supporters as you can see here:


 Some time back the guys from “The Deployment Zone” who have a podcast from the Pacific NW of the US had a talk about some of our products.

Why not have a listen “Episode 4” it starts at 1:01-1:09



 Just found a little review some one, think Mike Peel has done about our bases and movement trays


Thanks for your open and honest opinion and glad we could surprise you!