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Painting Our Thunder Mountain Bases

Thunder Mountain Bases

Which colours you use or from which company they are really does not matter, just use the ones you find the best, the technique is always the same.

Same goes for the brushes, we just used these sizes and wanted to add the information for completeness, if you prefer to use different sizes go ahead.

The “primary” colours are the colours you will need to paint the actual base the way we did. The “secondary” colours are the colours you can use to paint the different objects or details we have added to the bases.


Primary Colours:

Secondary colours:

Size 1 brush

Black: B

Bone White: BW

Size 1 old dry brush

Skin wash: SW


Kitchen towel

Green Wash: GW





  1. 1.No base coat leave your base just the way we supplied them.
  2. 2.Start by painting all the deep cracks wit a mix of B and some thinned down SW using the size brush.
  3. 3.Now paint a segment of the base with SW using the size 1 dry brush.
  4. 4.Now use the kitchen towel and wipe away some of the wash, do not apply to much pressure to the surface.
  5. 5.Continue to paint segments of the base with SW using size 1 dry brush and wiping each segment before continuing to the next until the whole base is covered. If you would like a darker effect apply some more SW and repeat the same procedure.
  6. 6.Apply some thinned down GW to the cracks where wanted using the size 1 dry brush.
  7. 7.Again using the wiping technique wipe the GW until the wanted effect is reached.
  8. 8.Now is the time to paint the lowest points and cracks with a thinned down Black to give them more depth and paint any rocks black using the size 1 brush
  9. 9.Paint the rocks with a dark mix of B and BW using the size 1 brush.
  10. 10.Time for the finishing touches. Dry brush the stones with a lighter mix of B and BW using the size 1 dry brush, give them a thin wash of GW. Paint the edges of the base black and you are finished

Best is to paint all bases in sets of 5 at a time which will speed things up.